After years of waiting for the Sept. 16, Sony has revealed how much the PlayStation 5 will cost when it launches and players can expect the next generation.

The game system will cost $ 499.99, while the digital version of the disc-free PS5 will cost you $ 399.99. The two consulates will be released in the United States on November 12, 2020, but many players may not want to wait to book their PS5. Sony has announced that the preview window of the device will be fixed on September 17th, the company said.

This time, the PS5 lock may reduce some fans who may be worried that the process will end as soon as it is released. A Bloomberg article published Sept. 1, citing an unnamed source, claims that Sony is considering the device’s product breakdown. The price of both the PS5 models has been announced. Sony’s interactive entertainment

The company quickly denied the allegations and told Games Industry. Beej the same day that “the PS5 production number has not changed since mass production began” and that Bloomberg’s report is really inaccurate.

Although Sony has quickly worked to ensure that there is no shortage of equipment PS5 release, the whole system has to be reasonable for Play station fans can looga perverse to sell the system. Here is everything you need to know to pre-order your PS5:

The latest PS5 guide & Detailed Information

The pre-ordered PS5 window will not open until September 17th, so gamers will have to wait a few hours to access one of the mixing devices however, Sony, as well as several third-party vendors, they already have PS5 landing pages that allow you to book your device directly.

Amazon Mazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, Target and Walmart have their own pages that fans can sign up to show when they can pre-order the PS5 or return to Windows Open Day to make sure you get the next one. … As soon as the Zen console pops up. If your retail email address has not been notified and you want a specific offer to be received

Alternatively, if you receive notifications about when an early offer will be received, there are sites you can use to notify you when one of the accommodation sites changes. and will notify users of site updates.

All customers must copy and paste the link to one of the top landing pages on the PS5 and they will send a notification every time an HTML number of links changes. IPhone and Android users can do this by downloading Distil.Io iOS or alerts to the Android device website. Equipped with gamer bags, the PS5 is almost here.

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